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  • How do I inquire about services?
    You can inquire about services by completing the Nonprofit Discovery Form using the following link. Once you complete the form, schedule a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your needs with a consultant. Get started here:
  • How can I see previous clients and past projects that were completed?
    You can view past clients and projects by visiting
  • Are services location specific?
    Services are offered to nonprofits and businesses located within the United States.
  • What are the steps to booking services?
    Complete the Nonprofit Discovery Form to inquire about services. Once the form is complete, use the calendly calendar to schedule a free 30-minute consultation. Once the consultation is complete, a consultant will follow-up within two business days with a proposal outlining the services requested. When you are ready to move forward, please sign and return the proposal and you will be sent an invoice to initiate the contract.
  • Are payment options offered for services?
    Payment options are offered in the proposal to fit within any budget.
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